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We provide founders of rapidly growing SaaS and technology-enabled services companies with a unique balance of capital and help.

Scale your sales & marketing, hire your first professional executives, better leverage your systems and processes, adopt best practices, expand your addressable market, and even acquire a competitor or complementary business.

Hit the accelerator without losing control.

Come join us on Growth Street.

Founders who lived the problem their business is now solving
Vertical SaaS and technology-enabled services companies
Across the United States, with a focus on underserved markets
$1-5 million of annual run-rate revenue
$3-10 million
  • Pear Deck

    Pear Deck was ​founded by educators​ on a mission to improve teachers’ lives by making rich, active teaching easy. The company’s SaaS platform is used by school districts, schools, teachers, and students throughout the country.

    Industry: B2B Vertical SaaS; Education
    Headquarters: Iowa City, IA

    “Growth Street’s culture and values align perfectly with Pear Deck. We are thrilled to welcome them to the Pear Deck family. The partnership will allow us to accelerate growth, invest in product, optimize go-to-market, and remain focused on our primary mission of helping teachers engage all of their students, every day.”


    –Riley Eynon-Lynch, Co-Founder and CEO

  • ChildCareCRM

    ChildCareCRM’s SaaS platform offers child care center owners and directors a comprehensive, web-based customer relationship and marketing automation system specifically designed for the child care industry.

    Industry: B2B Vertical SaaS; Child Care
    Headquarters: Bedford, TX

    “The partnership with Growth Street is an important milestone in the company’s history. It will allow us to accelerate growth and to invest in our people and industry-leading product to deliver even greater value to our customers.”


    –Chuck Gibbs, Co-Founder and CEO

Things about me

  • I believe curiosity is key to professional success and personal fulfillment. I love partnering with and learning from curious entrepreneurs.
  • I played golf competitively growing up and was the co-captain of the Columbia golf team.
  • Given the opportunity, I am happy to name the entire 1986 New York Mets roster, including the coaching staff.
  • Nate and I are pretty evenly matched in ping pong. A lot of our best business ideas come in the middle of very close matches.

Steve co-founded Growth Street Partners with Nate Grossman. Prior to Growth Street, Steve was a Partner at Mainsail Partners, a growth equity firm based in San Francisco. Steve has extensive experience investing in founder-owned software and technology-enabled services companies with specific experience in financial services, education, and supply chain markets. Steve was a Director of PayLease (sold to Francisco Partners), Netchemia (sold to PeopleAdmin), 3PL Central, Ncontracts, and nCourt. While a Director, three of the companies successfully completed add-on acquisitions: Netchemia-SchoolSpring, Ncontracts-Strohl, and 3PL Central-iTracker. Prior to Mainsail, Steve led deal sourcing for Vector Capital, a multi-billion dollar technology private equity firm, where he helped to source three platform investments. He began his career as an investment banker at Credit Suisse First Boston and Merrill Lynch. Steve earned a BA from Columbia University.

  • I got my master’s degree in Social Psychology. I love learning about how people make decisions and how seemingly small cues can have outsized impacts.
  • I believe strongly in the Growth Mindset. I want to work with entrepreneurs who are driven by learning.
  • I am the third oldest of six siblings. At any given time one of us is almost definitely on a tennis court.
  • I never lose to Steve in ping-pong.

Nate co-founded Growth Street Partners with Steve Wolfe. Prior to Growth Street, he was on the investment team at Mainsail Partners, a growth equity firm based in San Francisco. While at Mainsail, Nate sourced the firm’s platform investments in Ncontracts and 3PL Central and 3PL Central’s add-on acquisition of iTracker. He was a Board Observer at 3PL Central and he also helped to execute several of the firm’s other investments and exits. He lives in San Francisco and volunteers as a youth mentor at Huckleberry Youth Programs. Nate received a BA and MA from Stanford University.

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